One of Sydney's most iconic venues, Kinselas boasts an intriguing history. The Chapel, with its high and ornate art deco ceilings, is a striking tribute to the building's history as a funeral parlour. It was the headquarters of Charles Kinsela from 1933 until 1982 before it was redeveloped to a pub.


 Trivia at Kinselas Hotel, Taylorsquare, Darlinghurst, Sydney
 Happy Hour at Kinselas Hotel, Taylorsquare, Darlinghurst, Sydney
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After losing a terrifying and bloody war against the Americans, the people of the northern half of Mexico had their land signed away to Gringolandia in the treacherous treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. As they say, the border crossed them.Over the decades, as the land was settled and stolen by the gringos, some ordinary people would get along fine even if their governments wanted them to hate each other. And so the Mexican people taught the gringos in California, Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona about burritos, nachos, and guacamole. Over a hundred years later this has developed into its own Mexican-American style of food. The chef of Mexi-Cali was raised in the occupied territory of California learning Mexican cuisine from her Texan grandmother, the local Mexican establishments, and summer trips to the coast of Baja California.


We take bookings but unfortunately we don't have the space to host large functions. However our upstairs neighbours, Middlebar (Level 2) and The Standard Bowl (Level 3), can be hired for private functions.


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